My First Podcast Ya’ll!: Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom.jpg

Freedom isn’t free ya’ll. Finding your freedom costs  in years, and sometimes a lifetime, of experiences and the consequences of unwise decisions. Figuring out what freedom even means to you requires that you have a first hand encounter with restriction or captivity. So many of us are imprisoned and don’t even realize it. Whether its by the restraints of societal views or the views of friends and family members who claim to love and accept us “as we are”. Yet, the ones closest to us are the first ones to tell us everything that is wrong with our choices and opinions. Since we were children, we have been TOLD what is and isn’t appropriate. How we should and should not dress. Who we should and should not hang out with. Who is and isn’t desirable. So why are we so surprised that so many adults are confused and unhappy? For the majority of our lives, most of us have and will be thoughtlessly carrying out tasks that we aren’t passionate about. Checking off boxes in our head on the never ending list of “things I’m told I’m supposed to do.” And far too often, in an attempt to please OTHER PEOPLE, we neglect the things and sometime the people that we are most passionate about. Such a sad state of affairs. But I’m guilty.

I’m a natural-born people pleaser. So its no surprise that I’ve always wanted to do whats expected of me. However, the strangest part is that I’m just realizing this about myself. It sounds odd, but its true. It wasn’t until my career ended unexpectedly that I even realized that my career was the source of an overwhelming sense of lack in my life. It was no longer fulfilling me the way it once did, but I was so comfortable that I hadn’t acted on my lack of passion. But its amazing how God will make you uncomfortable when its time for you to grow. And he certainly did in my life and I am certainly grateful and better for it. This circumstance lead me to my introduction to freedom and how I define it today. Although, I know that how I define it will be ever evolving. After all, to be free is to have the ability to change one’s mind 🙂

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2 thoughts on “My First Podcast Ya’ll!: Finding Freedom

  1. Kandice Barard says:

    Brilliant Lon! Its so odd when you think about how rare it is that we check in with self to see if what we are doing pleases the heart. That it’s so very strange that the hardest thing to do is get past the denial and facade we have built for ourselves to figure out what makes us happy. We are usually the only road block on the road to our happiness. I think especially as women that sometimes we feel guilty about focusing on ourselves…we may feel selfish about it. It usually takes extreme loss for reality to smack us out of that zombie like state. Freedom to me is to live a life of authenticity where I can make decisions without the guilt and limitations that my mind creates but to dig deeper and follow my heart. Glad to hear you are following yours my friend 😘


  2. Cynthia Swaib says:

    Interesting commentary. As a newly retired person who worked many years in “traditional” careers, I now am truly free to pursue my interests whenever I desire. It feels great.


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