My Hobbies Include Being Difficult & Ignoring Text Messages

So- this post is all over the internet and it inspired my latest podcast. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of both being difficult and ignoring text messages. However, the only person who thinks that its for “no reason” is the person on the receiving end of the so-called difficult behavior. I have learned that what is often considered “being difficult” is merely boundary setting. Nine times out of ten, anytime you tell someone N-O or do things in a way that isn’t their preferred way of doing things, they are going around thinking or telling people that you’re difficult. So what! Embrace it. Relish in it. I know I do. The alternative is being a nice doormat. What you allow is what will continue and people will only treat you the way you allow them to. I am all for being nice and accommodating, however, I don’t hand those privileges out to anyone standing in line with their hands out. You have to earn my niceties. I am cordial to everyone. Respectful too. But you want whipped cream and cherries on top? Plus answered phone calls and text responses? You’re gonna have to earn that access buddy! Its not even so much as having done something to make me not answer, but more so, what have you done to motivate me to want to answer? My time is far too valuable to sit around texting back and forth with everybody on the unlimited data mobile plans. Besides- half the time, the main reason I don’t respond to your text message is because you’ve proven that you are too lazy to ever even pick up the phone and CALL me! Tuh. But you claim to “want to get to know me.” That won’t happen via text message sir. And the fact that you are chronologically an adult and don’t seem to comprehend that lets me know that we have nothing in common or anything to talk about. If my selectiveness offends you, you need to up your interesting factor, as well as your confidence and maturity, and maybe you would be in the rotation for consideration.

And can I give a special mention to the guys who you have attempted to date several times and it never goes anywhere far? Yea- your text gets ignored. Why? Because lets revisit exhibits A,B,C and D. This ain’t going no where! We have managed to prove that to each other on more than one occasion so why the need for exhibit E? What have enough evidence and case studies. You’re still you and I’m still me. We aren’t compatible. So why attempt to exchange pleasantries and repeat history. We   I’m too grown for that. Let’s just cut our losses and agree that it was fun for what it was and while it lasted. I’m trying to move on and forward so you will not keep making guest appearances in my future. Its counterproductive. Yet again, I have several good reasons why I’m ignoring you.


I will continue prioritizing my priorities and hopefully everyone else does the same. I spent a large part of my life being too nice. Worried about being perceived as rude or bitchy by people who were all too quick to take advantage of any perceived niceness. All the while, lacking any concern for my inconvenience or discomfort. WHY? Because thats what society does. Society will have you believing that being selfish is a bad thing. If something and someone doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. That’s your intuition talking to you. If you aren’t motivated to interact with someone, there is a reason. Honor that. The right people will inspire and motivate you to act. Until then, keep being difficult and ignoring text messages!

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