#WCW : The Good, The Bad & Not So Funny Moments of A Female Comic – Aarona Lopez Interview


Aarona Lopez was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She began stand-up comedy in 2006. She is the creator/host of Velvet Circus – a live comedy show that fuses, stand-up, sketch and musical comedy. Aarona is working her way to become “America’s favorite funny girl” with her storytelling, observational humor and musical comedy talent.

She appeared in the film, Lord All Men Can’t Be Dogs, alongside Vivica A. Fox, Johnny Gill and Hustle & Flow’s Elise Neal. Aarona was featured on Season 5 of Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment Stand-up. She was the ONLY female punch-up writer of MTV2’s Hip Hop Squares and a cast member on Nick Cannon’s: Wild’N Out.

Aarona is on a mission to prove not only are pretty girls funny, they are also multi-talented. She is a BMI songwriter with two albums on iTunes, The Velvet Mixtape (2012) and Behind The Velvet Circus: The Soundtrack (2013). Her YouTube Channel, Aarona Lopez, has more than 400,000 views and includes music videos and comedy sketches that she’s written, directed and edited. She is also the creator of #AaronaAstrology – one of my favorites on social media!

For all these reasons, she is today’s #WCW – Women Creating Waves! A new feature of this blog and podcast. I got the chance to chat with Aarona about her journey in comedy as well as the obstacles she has faced and overcome because of it. Take a listen and share your comments @AaronaLopez100 @LoniSwain


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