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First thing you should know is that I’m pretty awesome. A lot of that awesomeness comes from being born and raised in New Orleans, LA 😎 I’m also a graduate of the University of New Orleans. Hey to all of my fellow Privateers!🙋🏽 I will share some of my New Orleans culture here.

I’ve lived in San Ramon (Costa Rica), Baton Rouge (LA), Baltimore (MD), St.Louis (MO) , Chicago (IL) and I’m currently living in Dallas (TX). I travel often and haven’t met a beach I didn’t like. I will share my travel and Dallas discovery experiences here.

I love indulging in delicious food. I’m a part-time vegetarian-meaning that I don’t really eat meat (I have an aversion to the texture) however I like the flavor of meat, so I often cook with it. However, I’m trying to find more vegetarian and vegan recipes so that I can completely cut out all meat and maybe even dairy….one day. Not necessarily in the near future 😅 I will share recipes here.

I have recently been exploring my love for yoga. Aside from wanting to master all the cool poses to flex on Instagram one day, I absolutely love the mind, body and breath connection. I especially enjoy restorative yoga and the stress relief benefits are amazing. I am strengthening my yoga and meditation practice and I will share my journey here.

I am a lover of relationships and genuine connections. I am fascinated by the human spirit and the resilience of people. I have phenomenal family and friends and together we have incredible conversations that spark deep thought. I will share some of those thoughts here.

I am a quirky, flawed woman who is seeking to better herself and unlearn all that no longer serves me. As I learn, I will share what I have learned and unlearned here. 

Join me. ❤️

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